Toys for Both Big and Small Boys

While most girls get over their dolls and toy kitchen sets by the time they hit puberty, the boys’ fascination with Lego seems permanent. Look at how one decidedly adult male plays with his plastic bricks.

Known online as Choking Hazards, the boy behind the Lego skeleton is old enough to know that the toy bricks can be dangerous if swallowed. He is also old enough to master the art of assembling Lego into astonishingly detailed figures. Observe:

Photos via Choking Hazards

Another proof of his mature age is the fact that he is a father. And like father, like son. One of Choking Hazard’s Flickr albums contains Lego works by his kid, whose age we can only speculate.

You can download instructions on how to build your own Lego skull from his new Blogspot.

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