Fisheye Camera Spotted in Look Magazine UK

I was thumbing through the pages of Look Magazine in the waiting area at work, and in one of the features I spotted our very own Fisheye One camera in white!

Look Magazine is a popular fashion mag in the UK, and we regularly have a copy of it in the waiting area at probation. At first, as it is bought by the offenders for the offenders, I felt too guilty to steal it or tear the page out. But I have found a way to produce a scanned copy and here it is. In the magazine’s guide on holiday make-up, there on page 100, is the white version of the original Fisheye One camera.

I only hope they didn’t get any make-up on it!

written by kneehigh85 on 2011-06-24 #news #fashion #beauty #magazine #uk #lomography #fisheye #news #look-magazine

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