Birds and People at Notre Dame Cathedral

Located on one of the islands in the Siene, the Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous symbols that define Paris and a great place that draws all kinds of people.

This gothic cathedral full of beauty and rich history is a perfect spot for a lomographer to visit. With all the gargoyles, rose windows, and beautifully adorned portals to enter the church, there is just so many details to photograph. Once inside, the area is pretty dark so photographing is not ideal but admission is free into the church.

A couple of things I wanted to do was climb the towers of the church and visit the crypt beneath the building. There are fees associated with these and hours as well, so I recommend going in the morning to have time on your side. We were actually not able to make it ’til the afternoon and by 4:30pm they closed the entrance to the towers and the crypt so instead, we hung out at the park in front of the church.

Turns out, plenty of people both tourists and locals alike, love to just sit, people watch and enjoy the atmosphere. While taking a break, talking to my husband and photographing all the birds in the park, an old man approached us and asked if we were Americans. We said to him, “Sure, why do you ask?” And from there we started a wonderful conservation where he proceeded to tell us that he too is from the States. As a matter of fact, he pulls out his old military ID and tells us the story of how he was part of the troops who landed in Normandy during World War II. And since that day, he has not left France. He continues on to say that he lives in Paris with his wife and points over to the woman feeding the birds. They try to visit the cathedral everyday, to feed the birds and interact with all the folks. I walked over to her and held my hand out for some bird feed and as she placed some in my hand, she also sprinkled some on my head! In no time I was surrounded by birds, feeding from my hand and my head and all of this emotion captured with an Instax Mini !

To me, this area totally captured the essence of Paris!

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