It's Not Love it's An Obsession

I horde cameras but I also horde photos. However, it is the latter which are the protagonists.

It’s been six years since I was given my first camera, the fisheye, as a gift. SInce then, my lomography camera collection has risen to eleven.

I still can’t decide whether it’s an obsession or a love for photography, it’s not clear however it’s something almost pathological.

My fixation with cameras is such that even when I shoot I look at them, their shapes, colors and charm.

When I travel, visiting markets is a must, especially the stalls where they sell cameras. However always buying a camera isn’t easy, so instead I take photos to remind of the beauties I meet.

Therefore, if anyone is asking whether all these cameras are mine, you already know the answer,even though, I do wish they were.

Another way to make the camera take centre stage is by taking pictures of friends with cameras or of oneself in front of the mirror. That way, the camera is still the protagonist.

I could be love too though don’t you think?

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-07-20 #lifestyle #camera #photography
translated by webo29

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