Lamma Island (Hong Kong): Paradise of Cats


Lamma Island, being the “Paradise of Cats” in Hong Kong, is also a unique wonderland in my heart. So, where’s your own paradise?

To me, Lamma Island is the “Paradise of Cats”.

There is no big truck running at a high speed but bicycles slowly moving through streets and lanes. Unlike those high-rise buildings in the urban area, bungalows on the island are safer for cats, and won’t do any harm to them even if they jump out of the window accidentally. People living on Lamma are friendly to animals, at least, no incidence of torturing are reported so far. When we walked through the small lanes on the island, we met cats everywhere. They may be sunbathing in a warm sunny afternoon, taking a nap in an unexpectedly secret corner, sitting on the fridge of a local store busy tidying their beautiful fur, or just taking a walk on the grass. They are incredibly free as such, and I used to call them cats of freedom!

I have to admit that I’m somewhat unexplainably fond of this little island, and it’s the place that I love most in Hong Kong! Though every time I come here, the itinerary remains roughly the same (take a walk, enjoy some good food and play with cats), I still want to go here once in a while ensuring that everything remains as good as in the old days. So it’s really a relief when I find out that it still as inviting as I remember. (What I’m worried about is that Lamma would be developed into an island full of “swankienda” one day!)

During Easter holiday, my friends and I paid a visit to this lovely island again. Only half an hour is required to travel from Central to Yung Shue Wan, and “Lamma Bookworm”, which serves organic vegetarian dishes, it is our very first destination!

Walking along the Yung Shue Wan main street, we saw Tin Hau Temple, and shops that were special enough to attract our attention.

Then, we set out for the one and only commercial-scale wind turbine in Hong Kong – Lamma Winds!

On our way to Lamma Winds, here comes the famous “Grandma Kin Hing Tofu Pudding” stall. The old lady selling tofu pudding at the stall works very efficiently despite of her old age, and since the pudding is indeed very delicious, it’s surly the dessert that you can’t miss at Lamma!

Finally, we arrived at Lamma Winds!

Super nice and pleasant view of Aberdeen when looking from the Pavilion nearby Lamma Winds!

You can also go trekking from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan, visiting famous places like Hung Sing Yeh Beach and Lo So Sing, and viewing from the Pavilion at the highest viewpoint enjoying the marvelous scenery and beautiful panorama of Lamma and the surrounding landscapes!

Walking with lovely cats back to Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier, we soon arrived at O Tsai which is the favorite place of gathering of Lamma cats!

Escaping from the concrete jungle and enabling one to take a deep breath of peaceful fresh air, Lamma Island is a paradise, not only for cats, but also for those who’d love to have their minds and souls truly purified once in a while!

Service details of ferry service between Central and Yung Shue Wan

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Been there before! I love Lamma Island! :D

  2. scriptkat
    scriptkat ·

    I love this! I haven't been to Llama since I was a kid growing up in HK; I have many good memories of the island. Thank you for posting :)

  3. scriptkat
    scriptkat ·

    Ooops Lamma ;)

  4. santorinihippie
    santorinihippie ·

    what a tease! i thought there'd be more pictures of cats with a title like that.

  5. gateau
    gateau ·

    @eva_eva: YEAH! me too!
    @scriptkat: I love Lamma too! So happy that you love my article! :)
    @santorinihippie: haha...more are left for you to discover!

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