Actionsampler: A Very Versatile Miss!

This small camera looking a bit strange but nice was my first analog camera with which I captured unforgettable moments.Here is some data and techniques to take this camera to the fullest!

Miss four scenes is one of the most incredible experiences where you can exploit your creativity by inventing stories that only she can capture. This camera can be used with all types of “35mm film”: either black and white, slides or negatives. For best results recommended movies high handle either 400 or 800.

The ActionSampler camera is where your best friend is the sun, because you need enough of it to make your photos come out sharp and dreamlike. A day at the beach or in the countryside is the ideal place to do a session with this little one.

What to do with the Actionsampler?

1. Static: Your object or you posing in front of the camera.

Credits: gaabi

2. Experience with faces: either without moving or maybe even sticking out your tongue!

Credits: gaabi

3. The moving subject: You leave the static camera and jump, you move or dance.

Credits: gaabi

4. The moving camera: For this you hold your camera and turn next to it and you’ll make the environment look distorted.

Credits: gaabi

If you want more information on this girl comes in here!
Technical Details from the book of the Actionsampler “Lights, camera … Actionsampling” Lomography.

written by gaabi on 2011-06-15 #gear #review #400 #800 #lomography #actionsampler #multi-lens #film-camera #user-review

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