LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens Review


With all the hype surrounding all things wide at Lomography, lets see how the LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens compares!

I bought the LC-A+ Wide Angle Lens recently at half price with my LC-A+. And what a deal that was!

The package comes with the lens and a viewfinder which attaches to the hotshoe on the LC-A+. Once getting it all attached to the camera I was initially happy to keep the view finder on but soon realized it is not really worth it to keep it on. It makes the camera substantially larger and I knew I wasn’t going to be using the viewfinder much anyway! The lens cap is made of rubber, which makes it pretty useless because it comes off in bags etc.

And from there on this thing is amazing! There is nothing more bad to say about it. This lens really completes the photos taken with the LC-A+.

It gives you the ability to capture and entire street horizontally

And the ability to capture entire churches vertically!

The lovely vignetting of the LC-A+ lens is definitely not sacrificed for its lovely wide view, but enhanced!

I always have this lens attached now, apart from when using the splitzer. It really is amazing!

Another useful feature is the focusing has been changed allowing for closer shots!

- Infinity becomes >1.5m
- 3m becomes 1.5m
- 1.5m becomes 0.75m
- 0.8m becomes 0.35m!

If you own an LC-A+ and don’t want to fork out the money for the LC-Wide then this lens really is an awesome alternative! Go get it! It won’t leave your camera!

written by pim_g on 2011-06-15 #gear #review #wide-angle #lens #accessory #lomography #lc-a #user-review #requested


  1. djw
    djw ·

    i can just confirm all these pros and cons

  2. jwlb
    jwlb ·

    Don't you use any viewfinder when the WAL is on? Or do you use the original one on the LC-A+?

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