Slow Paced Gulang Isle, China

The entire Isle of Gulang keeps reminding you to slow down, look slowly, listen slowly, live slowly.

All the cafes have the same theme, “While your time away”, boldly proclaims “Time is to be wasted”, tempting urbanites like us to plonk ourselves down in one of them and read a book for an entire day.

One can see cats everywhere. Gulang Isle is a cat’s paradise, probably because all the inhabitants are slackers!

Let’s find a bed and breakfast and stay for a few days, and spend a leisurely afternoon in one of those cafes!

written by littleprincess on 2011-06-16 #places #redscale #china #location #lca #gulangyu #travel-destination #slide-x-pro-35mm-film #negative-35mm-film
translated by coolsigg

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