Great Impressions with Our LomoAmigo Sparkadia

It’s time to introduce you to our newest LomoAmigo, Sparkadia. This australian based singular musical vision aka Alex Burnett is currently living in London, UK and lately released the album “The Great Impression”. Wild, odd, melodic, rock‘n’roll pop-tunes suits our Diana Mini very well. Now Alex will reveal some great impressions for us…

NAME: Alexander Burnett
CITY: London/Sydney
COUNTRY: UK/Australia

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I am the singer and songwriter of the Sparkadia. I essentially travel around the world in search of charming pop music. I also love pugs.

Did you know Lomography before or is this the first time you get in touch with analogue photography?
I had heard of it a few years ago, however this is my first proper dalliance into this wonderful world.

How did it feel to be chosen as a LomoAmigo?
I was honoured. It’s exciting to be able to capture all the weird and wild moments on tour on camera that makes the shots look timeless.

What is the first thing you thought when you held the Diana Mini?
It’s so…cute.

Describe the Diana Mini in 5 words?
Tiny, charming, fun, wacky, sleek.

Did you experience some funny reactions when friends or fans saw the Diana Mini? Something that you would like to share with us?
Everytime i pulled out the Diani Mini, I suddenly became the coolest person at the party.
It was like the effect of walking a cute dog through the streets

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/ Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.
Taking photos on the “Mary” shoot was strange as the terrain was otherworldly and the people involved were slightly cultish.

You have to hearts in your chest: London and Sydney – which city did you like more for taking photos?
London is more fun to take shots as I seem to go out more and party more…

You’re often on the road. Which place do you like to photograph the most with your Diana Mini? And where do you want to take her in the future?
I would like to take the Diana Mini to some more exotic places. I’m heading off to Barcelona, Paris, Helsinki and New York later this year so she is in for a treat!

If your shots had a soundtrack what would it be? (three songs, artist and title please)

“Moon River” with Audrey Hepburn singing
“The Look” Metronomy
“Movin’ on Up” Primal Scream

Your new albums name is “The Great Impression”. What’s your greatest impression?
The Great Impression is dedicated to the girl with a thousand nicknames. In terms of doing impressions, I can do a great impression of a velociraptor.

What are your plans for the summer?
I would love to write the next Sparkadia record and collaborate with a few other fantastic artists and make more beautiful music. There will be loads of touring I’m sure and I would like to avoid falling in love for a while. Northern hemisphere summers are so different to Australian summers. So I’m looking forward to saying yes to ciders, parks and wild times.

What will happen next in the world of Sparkadia?
Our next big jaunt is “Splendour in the Grass” which is the Glastonbury of Australia. No doubt, it will be the biggest weekend of this year to date.

Sparkadias newest video:

Check out Sparkadias Website!

Not only our LomoAmigo Sparkadia knows how to impress us, we know that you can do it too. Take part in the competition Show us your greatest impression! and win Sparkadias latest album “The Great Impression” + 7’’ vinyl of the single “Mary”, both signed.

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