Sprockets without the Digitaliza!


Would you rather spend $30 for the Digitaliza OR use something you already have?

A couple weeks ago I was faced with a dilemma: deciding if I wanted to spend $30 [and $15 shipping!] for a simple Digitaliza even though I was trying to save up for my own LC-A+. Then I thought, why not just use one of the scanning masks that I already have? The scanner that I’d recently bought (Epson Perfection v600) came with two scanning masks: one for 35mm and one for 120 format. I figured that since my 35mm mask wasn’t large enough, why not just use the 120 mask?

**This can get a little sticky, and I would suggest not using it if you consider your negatives too precious to use tape on.

You’ll be needing:
Tape (The less sticky, the better; less residue left on the negative)
Your 120 scanning mask
35mm that needs to be scanned in with sprockets

1. Take the film that you need to scan and cut it where the photos are divided. Try to leave space on either side of the section that you are scanning so you can put the tape there.

2. Do that rolling thing with the tape so that it’s sticky on all sides and attach it to the part of the scanning mask closest to the hinges of the 120 mask.

3. Grab a longer piece of tape and tape the very tip of the negative. The tape should be going across the mask.

4. Stick the end of the untaped side of the negative to the rolled over tape and close the mask. The sticky side of the tape should be facing up.

5. Push the tape to the other side and stretch it across the back of the mask and stick it there. The negative should be fairly flat.

6. You could also use this method for smaller pieces of negatives, or if you want to scan two pieces at a time. Just use more tape!

7. Scan away!

Keep in mind that this probably won’t get you the sharpest image if you want to enlarge and print it, but it works well if you just want to share your photos on Lomography or Facebook.

Credits: natalieerachel

Here’s how the scanning turned out, if you’d like to see:

written by natalieerachel on 2011-07-08 #gear #tutorials #scanning #tipster #sprockets-scanning-35mm-masks-tape


  1. burgerdeel
    burgerdeel ·

    aww already bought the digitaliza, but nice tip =)

  2. calliope
    calliope ·

    Thanks so much. i spent much of the weekend trying to figure out this very thing. Going to try this next roll i get back. Great tip!

  3. iantheman
    iantheman ·

    the world needs more girls like you who can work them appliances.

  4. supermori
    supermori ·

    thank you so much for this! been trying to figure how to scann my 35mm film with sprockets for the last few days! I taped them on the glass directly... but will try this! thank you againnnn

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