Discovering Maasin City

One course I looked forward to in our program is field work, in which the students go to a certain place and study the languages in the area. This summer, our group was assigned to Maasin City, Southern Leyte. I honestly never heard of the place before so I had no idea what to expect.

We rode a plane from Manila to Tacloban, followed by the grueling 3-hour ride to Southern Leyte. We stayed in a town 30 minutes away from Maasin City.

Across the street from our place is a public beach. It’s not a tourist destination, so only people living in the vicinity were there. And I must say it looked awesome (and scary) just before a storm. We also found lots of starfish in another part of the province. Unfortunately, we could not get any closer to them.

Maasin City looks pretty much like Manila with far less people on the streets. It was nice to walk around and it definitely felt safe. And if there’s anything I did not enjoy about this trip, it’s only that we had to put our research as the top priority. Oh, and that 3-hour ride.

written by ydpsh on 2011-06-14 #places #people #sea #summer #location #beach #fieldtrip #personal-story

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