5 Days in Haarlem!


In the beginning of April this year there was the Haarlem Model United Nations. Me and my friends decided to go to HMUN with our teacher. Of course, one of my reasons to go to Haarlem, Holland was to take photos.

On the first day, we went to Amsterdam like all of the tourists. When we got there, the weather was very cloudy but my cameras did a great job even with the bad weather. I usually use my “Fisheye”: and Diana. After the loong trip in Amsterdam we went to Haarlem and arranged the hotel.

Haarlem is a small town but there are lots of places to take photos. The only bad side of this is that I couldn’t go outside in the afternoon so I always took photos in the evenings.

We also went to Hard Rock but unfortunately, I used up all of my films and I couldn’t take any pictures! I have to admit that Holland is heaven, everywhere I looked was peaceful and full of magnificent girls. In the downtown, there was a shop which was selling all the Lomography cameras but it was pretty expensive I could only buy some films.

At the same time, at the conference there were a group of students who were taking Polaroids. Since I had no chance of finding those films elsewhere, I bought hundreds of them.

I can easily say that our days in Haarlem were terrific.

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  1. verenaxm
    verenaxm ·

    great photos. i like the third one the most. ;)

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