Diana: Now With Awesome 35mm Panoramic Action!


Diana is many things, but a one trick pony isn’t one of them. What once was a great camera for only 120 format film, is now an amazing camera for 35mm.

Not only do we get the ability to shoot 35mm film, but now we also get up to at least 24 shots in a roll…and oh wait, can we say sprockets? I think we can!

The Diana+ 35mm Back allows your Diana F+ to work just as well as it did on 120 mm film but for 35 mm film. With the adapter, we get four frame masks that go on the inside. We get a square format with sprocket abilities, a super panoramic mask that also allows sprockets, a regular non sprocket landscape frame mask, and finally a panoramic frame that doesn’t allow sprockets.

With all the greatness that this adapter brings, one should be aware of some downfalls. Because 35mm film is much smaller than 120 mm, the amount of image you get is smaller. So when aiming your shot, anything you want to have a good image of needs to be as close to the center as possible. Depending on the frame you have in, it won’t matter on the sides, but no matter what frame is in, the top and bottom will be cut off.
if you are using the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, this is still the case with the view finder, and it can leave the image with very little fish eye effect all.

My favorite thing do do with the 35mm adapter is multiple exposure panoramics, occasionally without any mask at all.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to 120 film for your Diana, and you just want more shots or simply love sprockets, this is the accessory for you!

written by jwhoa19 on 2011-06-18 #gear #35mm #review #sprockets #lomography #diana-f #awesome #adapter #user-review #requested

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