Lomo Lubitel 166+ vs Blackbird, Fly Focus


Even though Lubitel 166+ is a bit expensive, it’s worth every dollar of. It is best for those who want a TLR which is more professional.

I have two TLR cameras. The one that I first purchased was Blackbird, Fly as I thought the outlook of it was really cool! Having got obssessed with Lomography, I saved money to buy the premium TLR Lomo Lubitel 166+. Although Lubitel 166+ is a bit expensive, it worths every dollar of it.

To compare Blackbird, Fly with Lomo Lubitel 166+, I strongly believe the former is best for beginners whereas the latter is for those who want to be more professional. There is no doubt that Blackbird, Fly is quite user-friendly. If you set the focus to Infinity, you don’t need to worry too much about focus. You often get clear pictures that are not out focused.

Credits: sebastiansiu

As for Lubitel 166+, you need to be more patient as it takes you some time to adjust the focus accurately. Yet, since you do not need to guess the focus like LC-A+, you are also guaranteed to have get pictures with right focus. So, I think there is little difference in terms of focusing.

Credits: sebastiansiu

If you like cross-processing, I think both Blackbird, Fly and Lomo Lubitel 166+ produce good results. The effects of black corners are very obvious when you take pictures with sprocket holes using Blackbird, Fly under bright sunlight.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Similarly, you can also take stunning pictures of high contrast if you use Lomo Lubitel 166+ and have your slide cross-processed.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Yet, an advantage that Lomo Lubitel 166+ possesses which cannot be found in Blackbird Fly is that you can shoot great pictures even if sunlight is absent using Lubitel 166+. Lubitel 166+ is a bit superior as it is a camera for all sorts of weather.

However, it is easy to get under-exposed pictures when Blackbird is used like the following. That’s why Blackbird, Fly can be classified as “Sunlight Camera”—- it works best only when there is sunlight.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Since Blackbird Fly is a “sunglight camera”, it is not suitable to use it for taking slides which will be processed as E6. The success rate is quite low and your pictures will often look very dark.

Credits: sebastiansiu

In contrast, when you use Lubitel 166+, you are given a wide range of shutter speeds and apertures to choose. You won’t waste your vaulable films and most of the photos will be brilliant ones if you follow the user-friendly on-camera exposure guide.

Credits: sebastiansiu

In short, if I want to take snap-shot when there is a lot of sunshine, I will use my Blackbird Fly. Yet, when I want to use some precious rare films, I will definitely choose Lomo Lubitel 166+.

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  1. brandkow93
    brandkow93 ·

    great review, however i wouldnt really consider the lubitel 166+ professional, for the same amount you can get an much better TLR, id recomend the lubitel 2 its basically the same as the 166+ just without a hot shoe or the changeable formats.

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