1922 Kodak Kodachrome Film Test


You’ve seen how Kodak makes its medium format film in the 1950’s. Now, it’s time for you to watch Kodak’s dreamy 1922 test film, shot using the legendary Kodachrome!

We all hold a soft spot for classic flicks shot in film. Movies today undoubtedly have the edge when it comes to technology, but the early motion pictures still never fail to fascinate, and still serve as reminders of man’s milestones in the history of film. One such milestone is the advent of motion pictures in full color.

In 1922, 13 years before the first full length feature film in color would be released, Kodak did a test movie using the legendary Kodachrome film. The mesmerizing test motion picture is part of the collection of George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, preserved by the museum’s Motion Picture Department. The dreamy footage, shot at Paragon Studios in New Jersey, features actresses Mae Murray, Hope Hampton, and Mary Eaton, and an anonymous woman and child.

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  1. canadas-lomography
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    really beautiful!

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    wow, that's impressing!! 1922!! Incredible!

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    So when is Lomography going to re-introduce super 8mm film? And possibly super 8 cameras?

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    Sorry, let me re-phrase it: When is Lomography going to introduce its own super 8mm film, and possibly super 8 cameras?

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