El Reflejo - Lens Flares with La Sardina


A great way to give your shots that extra bit of personality you often miss on super-perfect shots is something that camera manufacturers actually try to get rid of – We are speaking here of lens-flares and La Sardina makes them pretty easy to achieve!

Lens flares are just reflections on the lens and often have typical forms depending on the lens (or lens systems) and the aperture. La Sardina has quite a curved lens and reflections can happen easily. So the only thing you have to do is shoot into the sun. Depending on the angle in which the rays of light hit the lens, you’ll get different appearances of lens flares.

One last tip: Don’t stare at the sun yourself, let the camera do the magic.

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written by mandi on 2011-06-16 #gear #tutorials #light #sun #camera #reflections #new #tipster #rays #sardina #lasardina


  1. katherine-lynn
    katherine-lynn ·

    I love lens flare too! I get them shooting straight at the sun with my Holga :)

  2. cfib
    cfib ·

    great shots!

  3. swampwater
    swampwater ·

    Sometimes it takes luck but you can get some amazing results. Even a spot of colour too!


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