Lomography at the Other Side Magazine Festival Edition Launch Party


The Other Side is a magazine celebrating London’s unique culture. They invited us along to their supercool rooftop party, and here’s what went down!

The Lomography UK team went along to the rooftop of the Queen Of Hoxton, to celebrate the launch of The Other Side Magazine's festival issue. In true festival style we were armed with LC-A+s, X-Pro Chrome and Diana flashes. We had some rum, we watched some bands, and we took photos of all the great people we met (with varying responses of ‘what a cool camera!’ and ‘geez that’s bright!’)

written by littlemisslove on 2011-06-03 #news #festival #summer #london #uk #lc-a #lgs #other-side #queen-of-hoxton


  1. explorette
    explorette ·

    boooooo i really want to work for you lot! selling cool cameras/fondling them often and then parties!!!! arrrrrrr lomo rocks indeed!

  2. squamy
    squamy ·

    Why have I not used my Diana F+ flash on my LC-A+ before?! What was I thinking!
    *runs off to assemble said items in to crazy good photo taking machine*

  3. uslan
    uslan ·

    I think I might have to patent the LCA-Diana flash combo (better know as the 'Uslan set up'), you're all getting too good, I might loose my crown.

  4. littlemisslove
    littlemisslove ·

    don't be jealous, i learned from the master

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