The Long Haul... To the End of the Street

When you travel as much as we do, sometimes you forget about the places and stories that can be found right in your own neighborhood.

Boston is a pretty historic city, by American standards. It’s full of landmarks, old buildings, relics of a bygone era. We live in a funny little neighborhood called The Leather District, which was the center of leather tanning in New England back in the 1800s. The loft we live in used to be part of an industrial complex where workers toiled day and night to make leather goods. Back in the 1980s, the abandoned buildings were reclaimed and redeveloped and are now an enclave for designers, artists, architects, technologists and entrepreneurs.

Times change, but it’s funny how some things remain the same. At the end of our street is a place called The South Street Diner, Boston’s only 24hour/7day-a-week restaurant. It opened in 1947 to cater to local factory workers. And it still stands at the same spot, though now you’re more likely to find students and late-night club kids dining there.

Next month, we’re embarking on a new creative project as a sideline to The Long Haul Project. We’re making a documentary short about the South Street Diner.

We’re going to spend 24 hours in the diner, filming from midnight on Friday until midnight on Saturday and we’re hoping that some interesting characters walk through the door, with great stories to tell about their experiences of coming to the diner over the years. It’s going to be physically and mentally challenging to spend 24 hours awake, never mind filming, interviewing, and getting out of the way of the wait staff (the place is tiny!).

Naturally we had to find some way to include Lomography in all of this, so we took our Sprocket Rocket down to the diner and shot an entire roll of exterior shots. One of these photos will form the basis of a poster that we’ll give away as one of the rewards to financial backers of the film through our Kickstarter project. If you’d like to be part of making this documentary short happen, please click the link and pledge your donation – even $10 would be a great help.

Hopefully there’ll be some quiet time during the 24 hours of shooting when we’ll be able to get out the Diana or the Smena and fire off a few shots. And we’ll make sure we share those with you in August.

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