In April, I visited Chicago with my friend Tyler to see the Arcade Fire concert and catch a Cubs game. I took along my Holga 135 for good measure, and got a few pictures that will help me remember the trip. I forgot my flash (I use a Diana flash with adapter), but wasn’t disappointed with the results.

On the El train going to the concert, I held the shutter for a split second since there was decent light on the train. My friend Tyler cooperated and stayed relatively still in the background, but Chicago was just zipping by.

One Museum Park: I like the texture of this picture. It makes the building look cooler than a big condo building.

Field Museum dinosaurs. Brontosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus. Don’t let any paleontologists tell you those first two dinosaurs didn’t exist. They’re on display!

Chicago Skyline from the 2nd floor of the Field Museum (through the glass).

My first experience at Wrigley Field. It’s a very pleasant ballpark so sit in. The lower level seating really flows well so you feel the crowd.

Inside the UIC Pavilion for The Arcade Fire. It captures the feel of the concert even if it’s not the best shot.

The only shot I didn’t take. Tyler and Sam at the game.

Shooting film has really made me enjoy the act of taking pictures. Since there isn’t the immediate gratification of seeing how it turned out, you are free to think about all the variables that go into each shot. Not having a flash definitely limited my indoor shooting, but it also drives you to experiment more and improvise. I would like to try out some other film types to get more interesting colors.

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