Diana+ 35mm Back - The Perfect Partner for Other Accessories


A great benefit of using Diana+ 35mm Back is that the cost of using 35mm films is far cheaper than 120 films. In other words, you can do more experiments at a lower cost. You can also use it with the Diana F+’s other accessories.

Being obsessed with anything vintage, I am madly in love with my Diana F+ as its plastic lens produces pictures that look really retro, which no other camera can substitute. Yet, I am also crazy for sprocket holes. Therefore, the Diana 35mm Back is the perfect choice for me.

Even though the Diana 35mm Back lets you take your photos in four different formats, I mainly use it for taking pictures in either square format with exposed sprocket holes or panoramic with exposed sprocket holes. I started to use it more often after the user-friendly DigitaLIZA was invented by Lomography.

Credits: sebastiansiu

A great benefit of using the Diana+ 35mm Back is that the cost of using 35mm film is far cheaper than 120 films. In other words, I can do more experiments at a lower cost. I have used it with another accessory of the Diana: the 110mm Telephoto Lens. The gorgeous softened special effect of the Telephoto Lens and the sprocket holes produced by the 35mm Back reinforce the dreamy feelings of photos. The 35mm Back and the Telephoto Lens really make a perfect match!

Credits: sebastiansiu

If you like pictures that look vintage, taking black and white pictures using the Diana F+ is something you should try. With the sprocket holes shown on the black and white pictures, it’s like going back to the 70s or the 80s.

Credits: sebastiansiu

What is brilliant about the Diana+ is that you can use the Diana Splitzer together with the 35mm Back. You can take photos of double exposures but you still get very clear images of both exposures with sprocket holes.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Finally, I have also used the Filter set for the Holga with the Diana F+ using 35mm Back. The effect is quite surprising.

Credits: sebastiansiu

What experiments have you done with the Diana 35mm+?

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