The Empty Bottle: A Great Place to Get Drunk and Go Deaf!


I’ve been working at the Empty Bottle as a freelance sound tech for a few years now. Working there has been wonderful and I’ve had the opportunity to take a whole bunch of pictures. Enjoy!


The Bottle is located right on Western Ave. in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL. It’s been around since the early 90’s and has hosted some of the greatest musicians from all over the world. The Bottle (as it’s often referred to) is a great place to see a band. It’s a bit small (it holds less than 500 people) so you’re close to the stage no matter where you stand. It’s also a great place to do a shot, have a beer, play some pool, or just hangout with friends. Good times!

So, next time you’re in Chicago and you want to see a band in a great place, go to the Bottle. And if you see a tall, lanky dude at the sound board with a camera perched nearby, come say hello!

written by matthannigan on 2011-06-12 #places #location #venue #empty-bottle-chicago-ukrainian-village-dive-bar-western-ave-rock-club-live-music-friendly-dancing


  1. matthannigan
    matthannigan ·

    Oh sweet! I love spam!

  2. matthannigan
    matthannigan ·

    Oh sweet! I love spam!

  3. thistown
    thistown ·

    the empty bottle is my favorite venue. it's laid back and you guys book the best bands. awesome photos.

  4. matthannigan
    matthannigan ·


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