Rollei 35T Pocket Size Camera

One day when i was browsing flickr page, i saw a picture of a person having self portrait with a compact, small and cute classic camera, i fall in love with its outlook when i first see it.

A fully mechanical camera that you can bring to anywhere and adjust every single setting of shutter, aperture and also focus range.

The design of this camera is very unique, the film advance crank is on the left (normally the advance crank is on the right). The shutter speed dial and aperture dial is on the front part of the camera. The light meter is a the top left hand side of front part of camera (easily blocked by finger when you holding it). The most strange things is the hot shoe is at the bottom part of the camera. This camera has a retractable lens, when you want to take picture, you have to pull out the lens and keep the lens in the camera when you are not using it. On the front part of camera you can find a asa dial where you can set the asa speed of the film and let the light meter to decide the correct exposure value.

The aperture of this camera is range from F/3.5 – F/22, and the shutter range from 1/500s to Bulb mode. There is two different scale of focus range in either ft or m.

This camera uses any types of 35mm film like slide film, negative film or black and white film, there is a dial in front of the camera to mark the type of film that is used. Although it is F/3.5, but it produce great shallow depth of field too. when you shrink the aperture to F/8, you’ll get sharper image.

This camera is different from Rollei 35 because it is produce in Singapore and the lens is made by rollei. The camera is equipped with the famous Rollei Tessar lens, that is how it get the name of Rollei 35T which indicates the tessar lens.

i find it is hard to get in focus when the object is near maybe because i get used to the scale of lca which is 0.8m. The nearest focus range for this camera is 0.9m and i always thought it is 0.8m :P

This is a fully manual camera which means the user have to set aperture, shutter speed, and focus range before pressing the shutter. I think this camera is not so suitable for beginner.

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