Fuji Instax Mini Stars in a Music Video


Apparently, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. knows his instant cameras. Bobby who?

Better known by his stage name, B.o.B., the American rapper released a single called Airplanes several months ago. The music video was released around the same time, but it is still doing the rounds on YouTube. The last rave comment as of this writing was posted only 9 hours ago.

Photo via MTV

I’m guessing the extended popularity has something to do with Hayley Williams’ involvement. The Paramore singer collaborated with B.o.B. on the track, and later appeared in the video.

But how she appeared in the video, that’s the best part. Spot the Fuji Instax Mini and see for yourself.

Even if I’m not into rap or Paramore, this video was worth the load time.

written by sleepswimming on 2011-06-03 #news

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  1. kadense
    kadense ·

    dayumm. i love this song but i never checked the video out!

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