The 9+1 Colony of Artists


How work is like in the 9+1 Art Colony in a little village in St. Moravica, Serbia.

The 9+1 Colony of Artists owns about 500 works of art, as donations of the artists who have attended its programme.

Credits: novakmisi

These are in the gallery of the building. This constant exhibition consists of 220 works of art, while the others can be seen on periodic exhibitions only. The 9+1 Colony of Artists was formed as the art section of the Ady Endre Society in May, 1978. It was founded by nine painters and one photographer (me). Their names are: Jozsef Acs, Jozsef Benes, Hunor Gyurkovics, Mihaly Novak, Pal Petrik, Tibor Petrik, Sandor Torok, Istvan Torok, Istvan Zsaki and Mihaly Novak Jr. (that’s me).

Credits: novakmisi

In the beginning they organized open-air activities in St. Moravica. Since 1997, the old Kovacsics school building has been their residence, which has been renovated by the painters themselves.

Credits: novakmisi

Thanks to this constant residence, they are able to organize four camps each year. Since 2000, they have collected all the works that have been made in these camps. For further information, see the 9+1 Art Colony’s website. The leaders of the 9+1 have created good relationships with about 120 artists from Serbia, Hungary, the territory of the ex-Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Romania, The Netherlands and Canada.

Credits: novakmisi

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