Houtong in Taiwan: The Village of Cats

Cat lovers should not miss Houtong in Taipei City, which is known as “Cat Village”. The cats there are professional models and strike some stunning poses for you.

It is well-known that cats are rather arrogant and so they do not like getting close to strangers. Yet, the cats in Houtong are warmhearted. Even if you want to take close-up shots of them, they will not try to escape. Therefore, it is possible for you to take your time and use your Lubitel to adjust the focus. Some of them are even professional models and strike some stunning postures for you.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Besides cats, there are some cute and delicate pinwheels hanging around. Take silhouettes of those lovely pinwheels and have your slides cross-processed. The saturated colours will definitely delight you.

Credits: sebastiansiu

You will regret if you miss the wall on which the lovely rainbow is painted. It is a background for professional shooting!

Credits: sebastiansiu

Please beware of the railway timetable! The direct railway train from Taipei City to Houtong Station is sparse. If you depart from Taipei City, I suggest that you should first take the train to Ruifang Station, which is an interchange station for your cat heaven, Houtong. There are more trains and buses taking you from Ruifang to Houtong and vice versa.

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