Yokohama, Japan

This is the 3rd Lomolocation in my series documenting last December’s trip to Japan, and it is one of my top favorite areas that we visited. Yokohama, which includes the famous Ferris Wheel once “destroyed by Godzilla,” and the Ramen Museum in the Shin-Yokohama district.

Yokohama was amazing: Japan is an island, indeed, but this was the area where we found ourselves so close to the water, getting to enjoy it from an amazing height (atop the world’s previously largest Ferris Wheel, to be exact: a record that lasted from the time it opened in 1989 up until 1997), and feel the cool, refreshing air in the midst of our surprisingly sunny voyages.

The Minato Mirai 21 harborside includes the Ferris Wheel that I speak of: the Cosmo Clock 21, which also exists as the world’s largest clock. It is very similar to riding the Ferris Wheel at the Navy Pier in Chicago: it is so huge that you are actually inside a little contained cart, and you only go one revolution for your ticket; but don’t be sad! Kanashikunai yo! One revolution takes Jyugoppun goro or about 15 minutes, complete. And you get to look down at the amazing architecture of the area, the other rides and amusements of Cosmo World, and of course, the water. Totemo kirekattadesu.

We also got to Lomograph the outside of the amazing ship Nippon Maru – which is permanently docked and serving as a museum at Minato Mirai.

Besides being the typical tourist, which I think is certainly forgivable at times, especially when traveling so far out of your normal life such as we were, part of what I loved the most about Yokohama was our journey on foot from the train station to the harbor, and all the kawaii apartment buildings, chiisai businesses, and biking, genkinakodomo (happy children) we passed. I saw places in Yokohama that I could envision myself living at. We passed what looked like a school and park area, and it just seemed like such a lovely place to make a life and a family. We also came across one of many Book Offs, Japan’s largest chain of used bookstores in which we spent a hefty amount of time (but not money!) on perusing all types of manga, translations, magazines, and even some camera literature! Kameranozasshi desu!

For a review of the Ramen Museum, along with some other ramblings and a brief account of the Tokyo Lomo Store Grand Opening party, check this out:

I’m realizing, upon typing up this location, that I will probably refer to everything as “one of my favorites;” but with this I’m realizing, too, that while we tried to do as much as we could and sleep as little as needed during our 2 weeks there, there is just so much we did not get to do. So I hope you guys can read these reviews with excitement and anticipation, and see them as a place to begin your inspiration, but stretch it even further and know that there are so many amazing things to see and do in Japan! Ganbatte ne!

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