Kodak Ultramax 400


Looking for a cheap and vintage feel negative film for everyday use? It’s a 135mm film, colour negative and yields amazing washed out tones. Here it is, the Kodak Ultramax 400!

Bear with me as this is my first review on lomography. Hope fellow lomographers will enjoy reading this small little review! :)

This film has always been in my camera bag for almost every trip out and it never fail to impress me with its “tumblr” and “vintage” feel in the photos. It first caught my eye when I was at the photo lab because it was the cheapest film in store. Without any thoughts, I got it and here are the results!

Taken with my Konica C35 Automatic.

I went to try it out with my Holga 135BC too!

and in the night, it came out yellowish under indoors, taken with Holga 135BC.

Thanks for viewing and I’ll hope you’ll get a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 soon too! :)

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