The La Sardina Review

2011-06-16 5

As an official Lomography tester I’ve been lucky enough to hold the new La Sardina camera in my hands and have been really surprised and pleased with the results so far! La Sardina is a lovely camera. Every time I go out with it, people start the strangest and funniest conversations I have ever had about it – Especially if I bring the spectacular flash with me, which is what really turns it into an object of desire.

I have travelled a lot with my La Sardina – I’ve brought it to Amsterdam, Vienna, Barcelona, Valencia, Granollers, Cádiz, Seville, Sitges, Murcia, Cartagena… Well, actually, I’ve almost been all over Spain with it…

La Sardina is lightweight, slender, quick, silent and easy to use. It uses 35mm film; it carries a quite angular and very funny lens, which gives it a personal style, different from other Lomography cameras. It has got its own personality, focus quality in the center of the frame and slight blurring of its vertex. It also gives well-saturated colors and the viewing angle is perfect to tell real stories. It obliges you to really get close in every scene and is easy to frame because of the viewfinder (which is very precise). It gives you two focus options and has a 1/125 second shutter speed with an F/11 diaphragm.

With La Sardina, very sharp pictures are obtained – they are very CRISP!!! And you can experiment too – You can make double and multiple exposures, you can work in B mode and unleash your creativity with its new and elegant flash, which to top it all off, gives you the option of establishing various powers, in distances from 1 to 5 meters, a real crazy thing. We only need to be careful about not leaving it switched on; the battery can be drained easily.

In short, a new and nice camera is born. It will give us the opportunity to enjoy analogue and to make friends with it. Every time I have approached someone I’ve met in order to make a portrait with La Sardina, we have ended up drinking beers and eating nice grilled sardines, proof is in the Sardina Photos!!!

Welcome to the big Lomographic family La Sardina, I am sure you will turn into a most wanted and desired camera! Long live La Sardina…and long live Lomography!

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  1. user575
    user575 ·

    very glad it wasn't a fish eye!

  2. jonasatarao
    jonasatarao ·

    Estou louco para colocar as mãos na minha!

  3. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    i really have to buy one! :D

  4. tobybates91
    tobybates91 ·

    What film did you use?:)

  5. selinawong6789
    selinawong6789 ·

    What film did you use! The photos look amazing! (:

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