Kodak Ultramax 400

Sometimes we get confused on what film to use for a new analog camera. At least you need a safety type of film for your first attempt, due to adaptation and learning process of a new camera. For me, the first attempt should be done for trial and error process. Kodak Ultra Max 400 gave me that “safety” thing, when I shot with Sprocket Rocket.

I used Kodak Ultra Max 400 with my Sprocket Rocket when I ran into International Women Day, last February 2011. Took several shots, and I had bright pics. The colors are natural and well saturated. Even when enlarged, Kodak Ultramax 400 film delivers excellent sharpness and fine grain for crisp, clear pictures.

This films will be suit for everyday shoots, though its only limited for 24 exposures. When you do take photos of people. you will get as much as possible with the object, try to shoot skin color..then you will now what I mean.

Though it’s a little bit pricy, its worth for a first try. So for first attempt, you may want to consider using this film…safety first!

written by reiga on 2011-06-16 #gear #film #35mm #review #safety #lomography #kodak #ultramax #user-review #requested #sprocket-rocket #reiga

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