Escape from the City: Waterfalls Among A Concrete Jungle

In a city surrounded by skyscrapers, banks and law firms, where do you go to unwind? Where do you go to get away from city life? The next beach is overcrowded, at the next beach are clubs where you’re bound to run into people you know turning the night into yet another beer consumption ritual. So where do you go to unwind? The answer is this, the Palmengarten Waterfalls!

The Palmengarten is the botanical garden of Frankfurt. It is a huge territory with a large park and lots of greenhouses. The idea of the garden is to portray the different nature and climates native to different regions of our planet.

Have you ever wondered what the nature is like in the rainforest without having to travel to South America? Not a problem – just visit the rainforest greenhouse! What about the desert? Don’t feel like spending a week in the Sahara just to know what it feels and looks like? No biggie, just visit the next greenhouse!

One of these, however, is very special, as it is home to a magnificent 3-4 foot waterfall!

Credits: xxxanderrr

As you can see, it is surrounded by a little jungle – a real secluded place. Right across from it is a little bench that you can sit down on and just enjoy the view. The atmosphere is amazing: sounds of water flowing, birds chirping, leaves moving…fantastic. You would never think you’re in a metropolitan city!

To double the above waterfall there is another one, situated very close to the Bockenheim Entrance:

This one is about 4-5 meters tall, situated outside on a lake. Like the one above, this waterfall is artificial as well. Since it’s located outside, it doesn’t get turned “on” until it’s warm enough, around mid-April ’til mid-September.

Across from the waterfall, there are a few benches too, so you can just sit down, relax and enjoy the view.
However, do yourself a favour – don’t turn your head around. You’ll destroy the illusion, because you will see the one thing you wanted to get away from – skyscrapers and busy city life.

I hope you get a chance to visit this magnificent place!

The Palmengarten is situated in the Bockenheim/Westend district of Frankfurt. To be reached with Bus 36 or 75 at stops “Palmengarten Bockenheim” or “Palmengartenstrasse” (Westend entrance). Admission is free for students of the Frankfurt University, 1 Euro for all other universities and students, 3 Euros for adults.

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