Kodak Ultramax: The Most Pragmatic Film


It is a film that is cheap and great. Great to use for beginners.

Well, I can still vividly recall my first album of Lomography: Fisheye 1 x Kodak Ultramax 400. Though it wasn’t a great album. Nonetheless, I particularly love this shot. I was amazed by this film! It has high ISO, making it ideal for cameras that have fixed apertures and shutter speed, such as Fisheye 1, SuperSampler, and Oktomat. Another good thing about this film is that it is cheap. It is the cheapest film you can get. In the UK, you can even get it in Poundland for only a pound!

It is also quite reliable. The colours are sharp and true. By saying true, I mean that it produces the colour a negative film should produce. Of course, you can’t expect it to produce effect a slide film will do. A lot of people, including me, get hooked on slide film, and never get back to Kodak 400. However, it really produces reliable and good results. I would say it is a very good film to use, especially for beginners

Here are some photos taken with the Fisheye:

These are shots from SuperSampler:

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  1. sammy_a
    sammy_a ·

    i used this for my first ever roll too! i used it on a d. mini and liked the results so now when ever i get a new camera i use it to test the cam and see if it works.. recently i got an lca off ebay so used tht film and just recently uploaded

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