Spector Color (35mm, 200 iso) user-review


While everybody knows the big brands such as Fuji, Kodak and Agfa, I tried something different this time.

While everybody knows the big brands such as Fuji, Kodak and Agfa, I tried something different this time.

Spector is a local photography company in Belgium, most likely our biggest one. They have shops in the whole country, selling photography gear and developing film. Their main facility is in my hometown, Wetteren. When you take your film to one of their shops for development, they give you a free roll of their own film in return.

Since my girlfriend had a whole bunch of these ‘Spector Color’ 35mm films in the fridge, I decided to load one into my LC-A to see if it was any good. The roll I used was expired however, I believe a year or longer.

The results were pretty good, though the grain looked much stronger than ISO 200 grain. I suppose this is because the film was expired. While most of the shots turned out a bit pale (certainly the ones during cloudy days), the colours were good in some of them. Low light conditions, using fluorescent light, resulted in a typical green hue you often find in cheap films. Though I think it was not as bad as some of the Fuji Superia I’ve used.

If you live in Belgium, or you stop by on your way through, look for a Spector shop and ask for their film. I’m not sure if they still hand out free samples when you get your film developed, but I suppose they still sell it. Shouldn’t be to expensive and the results are pretty good for a cheap film!

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  1. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    I've definitely seen worse shots on nicer film. I'd say it was very well worth it and if I lived in Belgium I would likely keep this stocked as a go to cheap film...or likely just my go to film. Shot 4 is superb.

    I didn't see it mentioned, I'm guessing this is a color neg?

  2. maddyoulook
    maddyoulook ·

    sneaker shot=awesome

  3. dictaphone
    dictaphone ·

    I've just got one of those processed and I was really surprised by the vivid colours. I really like it. Unfortunately, they're not suitable for sprockets, they have those awful bright green triangles along the sprocket lines that totally ruin the picture I think.

  4. lomovonkster
    lomovonkster ·

    Just ordered 10 rolls for €10,- not bad price....

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