PYHOF: Wendy Carlos, the Moog Pioneer

2011-06-03 3

Using analog synthesizers and unconventional tools such as the vocoder and theremin, electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos weaved the strange but majestic film scores for The Shining, Tron and A Clockwork Orange.

WHO: Wendy Carlos
GENRE: Electronic

Wendy Carlos emerged in the ‘60s using a then-unknown musical equipment – the Moog Synthesizer. Her Grammy Award-winning album “Switched on Bach” featured Johann Sebastian Bach’s greatest classical pieces recreated using analog modular synthesizers – specially created for her by friend Bob Moog. This friendship was a special collaboration between two geniuses – Carlos would think of a concept and Moog would craft the synth for her.

It’s a kinda challenging to look for audio samples, so maybe you’d like to re-watch these classics which all featured Carlos’s impressive work:

  • For The Shining she invented “The Circon” – a controller which produced a haunting yet melodic sound.
  • For Tron, analog and digital synthesizers were incorporated with an orchestra.
  • For A Clockwork Orange, they featured the first recorded song that used a vocoder for singing parts. Usually vocoders are used for speech analysis.

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  1. pulex
    pulex ·

    i love her/his album switched on bach...those sounds always made we want an analog modular synth...took me years to save enough money but i own one now!!

  2. floriansimon
    floriansimon ·

    I love the soundtrack of Tron and The Shining, but especially the score of A Clockwork Orange is a masterpiece. Nowadays, almost everyone could generate music on their computer, but in the 60s, her/his electronic music was such a unique and special thing.

  3. yawn
    yawn ·

    My favourite version of Sheep May Safely Graze is Wendy's, that and that famous suite #2 in Bm including this very minuet: never heard an orchestra version that i liked more.

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