Beach-bound in Classic Style: Vintage Swim Wear Snapshots


Many decades ago, long before the beach became synonymous with bikini-clad hotties, there were simply ladies in modest swim wear, out for a dip rather than a swim. Take a look at some classic swim wear photos from the pages of vintage fashion magazines.

Vintage ladies swim wear—not showing enough skin by today’s standards, but still flaunting gorgeous feminine curves. Photo via My Vintage Vogue

No style bible would ever be complete without beautiful ladies in eye-popping swimsuits. Early fashion magazines such the iconic Vogue, are of course, no exception to this. As ladies around the world got bolder and less conservative through the decades, their swim wear have followed suit, getting skimpier and sexier for the fearless and the fashion-conscious. The change was gradual yet dramatic, unmistakably showing the norms and standards by which women were expected to dress—even when getting wet and frolicking at the beach.

So, throughout the history of swim wear (not only for the ladies, but for the gentlemen as well, as seen in a photo featured here), we can see a variety of modern swim wear prototypes—from the seemingly granny-esque bathing dresses, woolen and knitted swimsuits, skirted suits, modest one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, to the radical bikini swim wear. It’s quite interesting to see how people progressively showed skin and flaunted their bodies when heading to the pool or beach!

Of course, we know you’d rather take a look at some vintage swim wear photos, so without further delay, we now present some classic swim wear beauties:

Photos via Vintage Vogue
Photos via We Heart Vintage
Photo via Glamour Daze

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