Action Sampler Review

The Action Sampler is one of the funniest cameras. Built with four lens, this 35mm plastic camera is really sweet. It is a cheap camera, easy to load films, a light camera and always fun.

The ActionSampler makes in one normal photo, four little photos. In the same size that a regular 35mm camera captures a full image, the Action Sampler captures four pictures, one for each lens. The four lens of the Action Sampler will not shoot at the same time. In 0.66 seconds, the camera will shoot with all the lens (0.22 sec per image), capturing four images in sequence, causing a mini-movie effect in one photo. This means that this camera can capture movement in 4 images. Shooting with the ActionSampler is like always being able to do little fun movies.

The ActionSampler can use 35mm slide or negative. You can make awesome Xpro photos with this little plastic camera or beautiful photos using negative. You can also use filters, like color filters on the lens. Using different types of filters on each lens, you can produce some nice results, like a pop art effect with movement. The photos of Action Sampler are super fun, and the limit for this camera is your creativity.

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