The Lubitel in Hiller Torfmoor


With the help of my Lubitel, I have discovered the sprawling nature of the Hiller Torfmoor (peat bog).

Typically lomographing is done mostly in cities. Here you can do well, such as with the LC-A , easily and spontaneously shooting the most interesting and most bizarre of moments, without using the viewfinder. With the Lubitel in the Hiller Torfmoor you shoot slower, more focused, because of the technical nature of TLR cameras, a completely different angle, another perspective.

A popular destination in the the district of Minden-Lübbecke is the great peat bogs in Hille. It is the largest and most valuable peat bog in North Rhine-Westphalia. The bog is an important habitat for endangered animals and plants.

A walk through the bog is convincing through of its many impressions and moods.

Subjects for Lomographs are plentiful there. Moorschnucken (White Polled Heath) and its companions, storks and other animals, a mud-covered man bathing in the moor, but also beautiful panoramas loaded with various different lighting conditions to photograph.

There are many ways through the moor. Depending on the time and your desire, you can choose from 2 hikes after 2km, a moor-experience-trail of 2.5km, and the large circular route with its length of 7.5km.

My conclusion: Those looking for a break from the hustle and stress of the city and looking for some nature, be excited by Hiller moor! A visit to Torfmoor has its charms in every season. Lomo and nature is always a beautiful combination.

written by frauspatzi on 2011-06-08 #places #nature #medium-format #lubitel #hill #tourist-attraction #location #moor #peat #torfmoor
translated by duckduckninja

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