Say hi to our latest Amigo, Diane Sagnier !


Diane is a photographer, Diane lives in Paris, Diane is young, but that’s not the end of it. Diane is also into video editing and music, under the name Dbird, which is cool. In a nutshell, we’re big fans, and we gave her a Colorsplash to see what she can do with it. Click here to read more…

Name : Diane Sagnier
City and country : Paris, France

Please tell us a bit about yourself…
My name is Diane, I’m a young photogrpaher living in Paris. I’m also a full time music lover, and my spare time is mostly filled with playing music.

How did you get into photography ?
I started by looking at my father’s slide pictures of underwater subjects. Then, I really started taking pictures when I was 14, when my father gave me my first digital camera.

How long have you been a lomographer or are you new to this whole thing?
By searching in my parent’s drawers, I stumbled upon an old Canon compact film camera, the one they gave me when I was 9 for the summer camps :) . I tested it and since then, it has become my companion on every trip and on every night. I mostly take pictures of souvenirs, these are pictures that come straight from the the heart… It broke down last december, and I’m now using a small Yashica camera.

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.
It happened this winter, during the Rennes Transmusicales (a large music festival). I happened to have a photographer autorization to sneak into the press corner and stuff… I had to intercept the bands and take pictures of them just as they were coming down the stage, and I had to be quick and efficient ! As soon as the musicians saw my camera, they started to talk about this, they weren’t expecting something like that, and it really helped to create an easy and cool atmosphere, making everything more spontaneous and relaxed. They all reacted the same way, and they were curious about the results that what could happen when I captured them with this little camera :)

If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please).
I put just a little bit more than 3…
Love is All – The Tallest Man on Earth
Welcome Home – Radical Face
Punching In a dream – Naked and Famous
Corinne – Metronomy (I’m totally obsessed with this song right now)
Julian – The Popopopops (you can see them on some pictures here ;) )

If you could take your camera and a sack of film anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
I’d go to the Huang Shan mountains, in China.

The one person (living or deceased) who you would most like to photograph.
I would have loved to photography Bob Dylan, Jim Morisson or Basquiat.

Tell us a bit about this series of pictures…
These are all pictures taken during the last month. The first ones are pictures of my muse Léonie, during afternoons in Paris. There are some other ones of Billabong girls taken in Ibiza two weeks ago. The last ones are backstage pictures of the band from Rennes called The Popopopopops during their photoshoot.

The Popopopops

What are your current projects ?
I’ve just finished a series of pictures for 2012 the summer collection of Billabong, and I am currently working on a collaboration with a young folk band for a video clip :)

Your advice to all lomographers ?
Capture eveything that reaches you, and snap at the precise moment that you want to be remembered, this precise moment when the world blows you away, when everything blends in a way that you’re feeling it on the inside.

“Full time music lover and musician in my spare time” has a special meaning for Diane. Under the DBird name, she plays, sings and even takes the time to create videos just for the viewing pleasure…

See all of Diane’s work on her portfolio , and some of her video clips here . It all blends perfectly in her own universe that we love. Did we already say that we were huge fans of her ?

Thanks a lot to Diane for taking the time to show us some pictures. Best of luck for what’s coming next :)

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