Behind the Scenes: The Inventors of Lomo LC-Wide (Part II)


Didn’t you just love reading about how Mr. Cat made the ultra-wide dream possible? Well here’s more from the creators of the dream camera LC-Wide.

Because of a strong interest in analogue cameras and an endless spirit for innovation and improving products, Lomography R & D team bring us infinite possibilities for product development. Below is the first exclusive interview with one of the inventors of the Lomo LC-Wide, Ron.

We also have Mr. Cat's good partner – Ron Lau. Please continue reading for the special interview with the Lomo LC-Wide inventor.

Special Interview: The inventor of Lomo LC-Wide behind the scenes (Part II)

We have Ron who helped in developing a more perfect and more high-quality Lomography camera. Through this interview, we can learn more about his development process of the Lomo LC-Wide.

Lomo LC-Wide Inventor secret file (2)
Name of inventor: Ron Lau
Location: Hong Kong
Years working for Lomography: 4
Lomography cameras developed: All cameras product after 2007

Please list the 5 most attractive thing of Lomo LC-Wide:
Compact, automatic, ultra-wide, fast, no need to think!

photo by lomography_japan

When you developed Lomo LC-Wide R & D ultra wide-angle camera, where did the inspiration come from?
Lomography Gold Rules #10: Don’t worry about the rules.

In the days you were developing Lomo LC-Wide, when was the time that you felt most successful? Where there any moments that you felt frustrated?
The shocking effect when you see the photos for the first time after taking test shots with the lens, this could be the most successful and frustrating…

What is the most suitable subject to be photographed using the LC-Wide?
All things that you love, the thing that you have the impulse to be familiar with.

photo by wendalls

Can you imagine if your life without analogue?

What inspired you to turn you interest in cameras as a career in camera development for Lomography?
Yoshihisa Maitani said that “If there is no camera in the market that you want, just create it.”

photo by sumsi

Who is your favorite camera designers?
Heinz Waaske and Yoshihisa Maitani .

What tips can you share with other Lomographers when using the LC-Wide?
Robert Capa said that “If your pictures are not good enough, you are not close enough.”

photo by gsaram

If this is the end of the world, which three things will you bring?
A pleasant mood.

To learn more about the LC-Wide, you can enjoy the LC-Wide Photo Gallery, check out the Microsite or go to our Shop to get one for yourself!

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