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He’s a rock-n-roller, redscale clicking, fisheye lomographer! Our first LomoPeople is from New Delhi, India and he’s talking to us about film, Lomography Fisheye and shooting children from 100 feet up in the air!

Name : Shiv Ahuja
Location : New Delhi, India
Lomo Home : shivahuja

Why Film?

For the usual reasons, plus because sometimes when I’m not shooting on assignment and I’m not shooting personal work, I still always like to a have a small camera with me and somehow film works very well for this. The film cameras I have don’t look as intimidating as big black DSLRs and that can be important sometimes.

How did Lomography shape your perception about photographs?

The thing about Lomography is that it came at the right time for me. I realized that I had stopped taking my camera with me unless I was hired to and that’s a very bad trap to fall into. I read up about the Lomography and what it means and was instantly hooked. In some strange way it gave me a reason to keep a camera with me all the time! Instead of taking pictures for some sort of end use and constantly having to think about that, I was taking pictures just because. Also, since I’ve been shooting with my film cameras much more often now, I can think of many assignments where I think film might work better than digital images.

Your favorite Lomography camera and why?

The Lomography Fisheye No.2. It was my first Lomography camera and I had a blast with it. Even though I don’t own one, I think the new LC-W is going to be my favorite Lomography camera when I can afford one!

Tell us the story behind your favorite picture.

There’s definitely some sort of strange charm in all these pictures and its quite hard to put my finger on how and where its coming from. In this picture, I didn’t think any sort of picture could do justice to being over 100 feet up in the air, dangling in a small box with all your gear and looking down at hundreds of children shouting messages to curb climate change. Inspiring, really. Every time I look at this picture it takes me back to that day (read vertigo).

  • One tip for all the Lomographers out there?

Bombard lomography.in with quality content so we get our own gallery store in India!

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