Victorian Brompton Cemetery, South Kensington


Beautiful, haunting, gothic, a Victorian cemetery near Earls Court. What a treat!

I bought an old Lubitel 2 on eBay and had no idea if it worked or not. The seller hadn’t tried it and really did not know anything about it. I took a chance and when it arrived it all seemed to be mechanically sound so I thought my luck was in. The lenses were both dusty so I gave them a quick clean and that’s when I discovered the fungus.

Fungus, and loads of it. The focusing lens had a big spider’s web of fungus in it while the taking lens has a few spots randomly dotted around. I needed to test it to find out just how badly the camera had been affected.

I went to see a customer at their work near Earls Court and was going to take some photos around the streets and they suggested Brompton Cemetery and drew me a quick map.

The place was amazing. Firstly it’s huge with a long road through the middle with a gate house at one end and a chapel at the other based on St Peters Basilica in Rome. It has some of the most ornate tombs, statues and graves I have ever seen. I’ve been told it was used to film some of the scenes in the Sherlock Holmes TV show.

It was a horrible day, the rain was lashing down and thunder cracked and I was a drowned rat by the time I arrived. Luckily the clouds cleared long enough for me to take some quick pictures. There was so much to choose from it really is a strangely beautiful location, I wish I’d had more time.

It’s always open to the public so I urge you to go down there. The pictures didn’t turn out too bad after all. I need a bit more practise so I might go back again soon.

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  1. panchoballard
    panchoballard ·

    Amazing, I was only there last week with my Holga! Haven't had time to develop all of the shots yet, you've beaten me to it :-)

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