Ilford's Infrared SFX Film


With an ISO of 200 take this film out on a sunny day with a red filter over your camera lens, and you will love the results.

Before you begin shooting this film you must put a red filter of some sort on you lens, you can buy red gel filter papers on eBay. I just taped a piece of a red filter over the lens of my camera. I waited for a sunny day then experimented with the SFX film focusing on vegetation.

When in the bright sunlight vegetation comes out a warm white shade, and skin tones will have a creamier and smoother effect.

I also tried taking some pictures indoor with a flash on my camera and the pictures turned out almost all black so I do not recommend taking pictures indoor with this film.

I processed my infrared SFX film myself, however Ive heard it is difficult to get 1 hour photo places to process SFX film. So I would recommended sending it in to LomoLab or some other professional lab.

I loved this film so much I looked online for coloured infrared film and it has been discontinued. :(

written by aprilrich427 on 2011-06-05 #gear #film #black-and-white #infrared #ilford #review #sunny #warm #red-filter #lomography #user-review


  1. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    Hey, I'm a newbie and I found it hard to predict which bush/grass/tree would glow in this film...

  2. aprilrich427
    aprilrich427 ·

    Any plant will glow if it's sunny out with this film

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