Historic and Artistic Jeongdong Street


After catching the NANTA Cookin’ Show at the Jeongdong Theatre, take a left and stroll down the historic Jeongdong Street towards the Deoksugung Palace. Jeongdong Street lies in the centre of Seoul and has a wealth of colonial heritage hidden within its tree-lined cobblestone walks.

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After taking a left from the Nanta Theatre, the first signs of why the street’s heritage begins to reveal itself through various signs announcing the locations of several foreign embassies. When Korea opened up its society to the world in the late 19th century, the world’s great powers located their embassies in Jeongdong, near Deoksugung Palace, the then royal residence of the Korean Emperor.

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Missionaries soon followed and the first Methodist church, Chungdong First Church, was soon constructed. Today, Chungdong First Church still remains and it’s red brick façade is a landmark in Jeongdong Street. Further down, the Seoul Museum of Art and public art installations can be admired by visitors.

Credits: wallflowersforjane

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