The Making of Gil Elvgren's 1950's Pin-Up Beauties


Ever wondered how those painted pin-up girl posters are made? You probably weren’t expecting to see the real ladies who served as inspiration for the vintage beauties!

We all know those beautiful vintage posters of lovely pin-up girls—whose origins we can trace back to the painstakingly painted ones of the 1950s. But have you ever been curious about the inspiration of talented pin-up artists, such as the phenomenal illustrator Gil Elvgren? The good news is, Elvgren, who was also an avid photographer, took snapshots of his models complete with props and set-up. Now, you can have an idea on how these classic posters from the 50’s are made, and meet the ladies behind some of the most beautiful pin-up posters in history. Yes, these pin-up girls are a lot more real than you thought!

Gil Elvgren’s Self-Portrait. (Photo via Underpaintings -

See the “before” photos of the models posing for the artist, side-by-side with the “after” photos of the actual pin-up versions!

All Photos from How to be a Retronaut

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