Shooting From All Angles with La Sardina


“Shoot From the Hip” is the 4th Golden Rule of Lomography. But what about from your head, or your feet or from the window of a speeding car –absolutely anywhere in fact! A normal photographer might spend a
lifetime peering through the viewfinder, carefully judging distances or weighing up different perspectives. But where’s the fun in that? Sure,the La Sardina has a beautiful little built-in viewfinder, but do you
really want to hide behind your camera?

Forget the conventions and start shooting from the hip – or from one of a million different angles. Now, we’d love to list a MILLION different angles, but we haven’t really got the space.But here are 15 to get you started. Just remember, the sky’s the limit!

• Through the post box
• From the top of a tree
• Hanging upside down
• Into a mirror
• Through your own legs
• Through the car window
• From straight out of your pocket
• Across the rooftops
• Through the fishbowl
• Into the sun
• Shoot from your feet
• Across a huge crowd of people
• Along the floor of the crowded train station
• Shoot as you cruise around town on your bicycle

There are as many angles and points of view as there are pictures to be taken. So try a different one as often as you can. Always be ready to mix it up! Variety is the spice of your Lomo life. Here are some interesting angles shot with the La Sardina:

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