Slide Film Wants E6


…at least from time to time.

I am so used to cross processing that it is thrilling to do the “regular” way of processing a film. I loaded my Ricoh KR10x (an SLR) with Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 and shot in my hometown. As I had not used an SLR for a while, I was amazed by focusing and setting apertures (though it got a bit boring again after ten films)
It was not the brightest day, but the camera is very sensitive to light.

As you can see, I mostly shot lines and while shooting I thought that I do not want those clear photos cross processed. So I asked my lab to do the regular E6 (usually my lab crosses everything automatically for me) and I must say I really like the results! While the cross processed film gets yellow-green results and is sometimes a bit grainy, here you have bright and natural colors that are very intense, too. At least outdoors. Indoors, the film becomes yellowish.

I will try that again, though it is more expensive for me than cross processing.

written by mephisto19 on 2011-06-05 #gear #review #200-iso #lomography #user-review #e6-processing #lomography-slide

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