An Introduction to Light Painting with La Sardina


The La Sardina comes complete with a ‘B’ or Bulb setting and the option of using a cable release. That makes it absolutley perfect for getting down and experimental with some super-cool light painting techniques! Find out everything you need to know to get started here.

Also sometimes known as “Light Drawing” or “Light Graffiti” – this is easily one of the coolest and most creative night photography technique you can do! It’s a very simple idea but one that produces crazy and unpredictable effects. It’s fun, you can get your friend’s involved – and most importantly – thanks to the La Sardina’s “Bulb” feature, it’s super-easy to do.

1. Simply, flick your La Sardina on to “Bulb Mode”, place it on a tripod or somewhere steady.

2. Now, either get a friend to hold down the shutter for a long time (be sure that they keep steady
though!) Or use a cable release to hold the shutter open remotely.

3. Keep it open for a while before entering the frame. Using a flashlight or any type of light you feel like, paint and sketch in mid-air, as if you were painting on a canvas!

4. Be experimental! Your imagination is the limit.

Here are a few pointers to get you creating eye-popping light masterpieces. You’ll be a nocturnal, flashlight-wielding Picasso in no time! (In fact, the Albanian-American photographer, Gjon Mili, once actually snapped a light graffiti shot of Pablo Picasso sketching one of his distinctive drawings in mid-air!)
Don’t believe us? Check it out:

Image of Pablo Picasso by Gjon Mili – courtesy of Life

Slow it down

Let’s start with the basics: film speed is very important for low-light shooting. It’s probably best to go for a lower-ISO, never more than a 400ISO film. The reason for this is that a slower ISO film helps to reduce the grain of the film, and also help you to avoid overexposing the shot. Always keep in mind, which film you are using and adjust accordingly! If you’re using the Fritz the Blitz flash, 400 ISO is probably fast enough, but keep in mind that if you use colour filters, the light of your flash will be reduced.

Be Experimental

Be creative with what you use to do your painting. Some people choose to use standard torches, some people use bike lights, or LED lamps, or neon lights! All of these give wild and different effects, so remember to have fun and get experimental. Maybe you choose to use the Fritz the Blitz flash, or the colour filters – or maybe no flash at all! Also experiment with the length of time you decide to keep the shutter open for. Be imaginative!

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  1. johan34370
    johan34370 ·

    I really have to try that! :)

  2. lomo_newbie
    lomo_newbie ·

    Hi, great tipster! What kind of cable release do you use? I asked the Lomo customer service whether the cable release that is sold in the Lomo shop fits in the La Sardina and they told me that it wouldn't fit. Now I'm searching for a cable release that fits...

  3. marishi
    marishi ·

    Hi, I tried a universal cable release, but don´t works! What can I do?

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