The Bigger Picture

As photographers or photography enthusiasts, we can’t help but show the world how we see the world. Sometimes, without regard for the possible consequences.

Why does it have to sound so serious? Taking photos should be fun, whether you’re doing it just because or for the money.

But think of this. As you share your photos with anyone and everyone, you are also imparting a message. After all, the medium is the message – a favorite aphorism in the field of advertising.

Speaking of advertising, those who do it for the money are likely to have shot for advertisements at one point. And we all know how ads shape the way we perceive things, if you get what I mean.

This is exactly what the current exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography is about. Titled “Beauty Culture,” the show features photographs that profoundly influence our notion of beauty, putting the role of the photographer in shaping our minds front and center.

One of the entries was a photo of the late Anna Nicole Smith in one of her usual feisty poses.

Photo via the LA Times

What message are you getting?

What about from this one of a backstage scene at a Paul Smith Women show?

Photo by Felicia Webb via

Read more about Beauty Culture at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

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