The History of La Sardina


The La Sardina camera is the latest addition to the Lomographic family, packed with a whole load of experimental and creative possibilities. But did you know that its interesting design actually pays a slight homage to some super-rare cameras from the 1930s? Let’s take a look!

Sometime way back in the 1930s, the Irwin Corporation released a series of cameras that would turn out to be the great-great grandparents of the La Sardina you’re holding in your hands today. The Kandor candid camera was one such camera and part of a family of novelty cameras that channelled the sleek and classic design of the humble sardine can – only with a camera stuffed inside it!

These original ‘Candid Cameras’ used 127 format film, a rare format of roll film that has almost died out now, but that was very popular for use with cheaper amateur cameras in the 1950s. Irwin Corp. marketed these cameras, mostly through drug stores and “dime stores.”

The Irwin Corporation produced a number of these sardine can cameras including the Lark, the Komet and the Kandor Junior!

The Kandor version cost roughly $2.98 back in 1940; whilst the Lark cost $1.49 – a deluxe version was apparently available for a whopping $4.95! Another company known as the Sunbeam Camera Company produced another fairly similar sardine can style camera, known as the Sunbeam Minicam!

Fast forward more than seventy years to the exciting and innovative distant relation of these beautiful analogue relics…La Sardina! But with some crazy Lomographic madness tucked away inside, this one’s built for some serious experimental fun.

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  1. francesco1
    francesco1 ·

    First comment! yay! This is an awesome camera with an awesome history. I wish it was the same price as back then.

  2. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    I love the design of the original Kandor. I wish it was still as cheap too ;)

  3. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Nice article. Great update of a classic camera.

  4. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Wow.. I want one!!

  5. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Amazing looking camera. The new La Sardina Splendour has clearly been taking some fashion tips from this classic.

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