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The spotlight is on Kate Bush and her new album Deeper Understanding so let us travel in retrograde and take a look at her whimsical childhood as film-photographed by her own brother, John Carder Bush.

Kate Bush is the newest siren for Put Your Headphones On Friday, a regular Analogue Lifestyle series related to music written by my co-editor, shhquiet. As she was browsing Kate Bush’s photographs, I can’t help but get captivated by Missus Kate’s girlhood photographs which were mostly shot in black and white.

During her schoolgirl days, Kate was mainly photographed by her eldest brother, John Carder Bush. To him, Kate was “a child with the woman in her eyes.” Her pictures reminded me of a child protagonist in the film, Tideland (2005, dir. Terry Gilliam), named Jeliza Rose — a young girl whose character is a mishmash of cheerfulness, dreaminess, innocence, and quirkiness. The young Kate was, indeed, a personified version of Jeliza Rose. Evidently, Kate grew to be an extraordinary singer and songwriter and her strange but captivating (hey, she loves analogue, too!) taste when she was a kid is still reflected in her current, flourishing career.

In 1986, John published a limited edition book entitled “==Cathy,==” a visual compilation of the young Kate Bush. Here are some of her frame-worthy snapshots set in disheveled rooms and solitude plains: all in lovely monochromes.

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“Cathy gives a fascinating glimpse into the childhood of a young person who has grown into the remarkable and famous adult. As she poses for the photographs, often at times snatched after school, an image builds up of what this little girl’s world was like. These innocent moments are linked with the thoughts and memories of her photographer-brother as he printed and prepared the pictures for publication. Cathy contains neither gossip nor scandal. It is a gentle, very personal view of childhood, and for those already familiar with Kate as a modern-day artist, it is a treasure-trove of echoes and evocations.”
— John Carder Bush

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