A lovely lomo tale, featuring Pop 9


This is a personal story about my little love affair with the Lomography Pop 9 camera, and how I have spread that love around, and hopefully introduced someone to the wonderful community here at Lomography.

Credits: kneehigh85

I got myself a gold version of the Lomography Pop 9 quite early on in my lomographic career. I fell in love with it and it rapidly became a night-out staple for me as it was cheap (in case I got too drunk and broke it – indeed this did happen and it is now held together with gaffer tape!), had a flash (always good in dark dingy clubs, my favourite sort) and small (so it fits in a stupidly small handbag so I am not like a golfer carrying clubs everywhere I go!). I also loved the way, unlike other multi-lens cameras in my collection, it took identical shots, not action ones. I loved the mad patterns created and the possibility of making a repetitive wallpaper type pattern.

Credits: kneehigh85

I took this camera to my best friend’s birthday in 2010 and I shot a few frames while we were out dancing. My best friend, who I affectionately call Rozildinhio (Rosie) was not into lomography so I only shot her in 1 or 2 frames and I kind of forgot all about it, knowing she wasn’t interested really. Although the photos from that night made it onto Facebook, they didn’t gather a lot of interest from Rosie or anyone else really.

Credits: kneehigh85

At Christmas 2010 I went to Rosie’s house, having forgotten all about the Pop 9 photos from that birthday outing. I never mentioned lomography again, assuming she wasn’t interested, having just bought a digital camera. We had a nice evening catching up and chatting and as always I was a bit sad when it was time to leave as we do not see each other nearly as often as we should. Then, as I was saying goodbye, I saw a photo, well 9 mini photos to be precise! She had actually gone to the trouble of getting a lovely 7 × 5 print of one of the photos of her from that night! I was so excited and it is the photo you can see here in the main photo. I asked casually about it and she said she was so impressed with the camera and as soon as she saw the photo she had to have a copy for her lounge!

Credits: kneehigh85

So my mind was made up – I am definitely going to get her involved in the lomography community, and for her birthday this year her gift had to be a black version of the Pop 9 camera. I cannot wait til she gets online and uploads those first shots! She is the best friend I could ever ask for and I so want her to meet the best online community I could ever ask to be a part of!

Lomo on!

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